Thanks! to the following for their assistance, guidance, and overall good-natured attitude. Please support them, however you can:

Zach Daudert, Boulder Digital Arts, Codecraft; Colorado, Florida, Panama.

Curtis Matthes, Fortium Partners, LP; Oklahoma

Jack Byrd, Glomu; North Carolina

James Crook, Choc Chip Digital; Victoria.

Liz Grant, Small Business Smart Business, What Your Customers Want; Victoria.

Nicole Crammond, Business Life Magazine, Nexus Teamwear, Augustus Media; Victoria.

Evelyn Garcia, model extraordanaire, evelyngarcia11.

The following coders were used to build this site (identified with their freelancer name):

neoconcepts, blueegg, lshilong, websxperia, and dotWasim.

Chief programmer is exper.

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